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RSP Executive Team

Current Undergraduate Administrators

President: Jemi Galani, 2017

Vice-President: Anthony Hung, 2017

Treasurer: Kathleen Marsh, 2018

Albert Chang

Nadia Kirmani

Nicolas Kardous

Harry Ahn

Faculty Administrators
Bernard Fischer, Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Ron Grunwald, Director of Undergraduate Research Support Office
Stephen Nowicki, Dean and Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education

Student Administrators Emeritus
Sidney Primas, 2012
Rui Dai, 2013
Ryan Wong, 2013
Madeline Lyons, 2013
Ayten Salahi, 2013
Emma Fridel, 2014
Vivian Tsang, 2014
Jenny Wang, 2014
Akhil Sharma, 2015
Nithin Pusapati, 2015
Stephen Ghazikanian, 2016
Cheng Ma, 2016

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Any Questions?

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