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Who We’re Looking For

SCHOLARS: Driven by curiosity. Motivated to discover.

Most of our scholars don’t come with a clear-cut idea of what experience they want to have.  They don’t all come knowing which field they want to delve into, or even if they want to pursue research as a long-term endeavor.  And that’s okay.

The key to building a meaningful experience will be your attitude—the approach you bring to the research process.  We are after genuine curiosity.  Whatever your level of research experience, we want to know that you are passionate about learning, that something inside you is bursting to push forward the frontiers of knowledge.  We won’t ask you to demonstrate any technical expertise, nor will we quiz you about your areas of interest.  We want to give you a chance to explain why you want to spend the time it will take to dig deeper in any particular area.  Show us what excites you, motivates you—and why.

MENTORS: The “Investigator-Teacher”

We’re looking for individuals who are not simply pioneers and innovators in their fields, but who are passionate about training and encouraging yet-to-be pioneers and innovators.  We’re after mentors who are skilled knowledge-creators and dedicated knowledge-cultivators—invested in teaching and guiding students, sharing their experiences with this next generation of research leaders.

Mentors are critical to our success.  Some will provide a first real experience to students new to research.  Others will work with students who have had experience in a research setting.  Regardless, mentors must be active and encouraging models for our students.  We want you to let our students see and feed off of those things that excite you about your work.  We want you to inspire, support, and push our students.

Many of our mentors are graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. We therefore ask that they complete the application with the support of their primary investigators. We ask that the individual who will meet the student most often on a one-on-one basis apply as the mentor, so we will be able to communicate most effectively to the mentors.

Note: Graduate students and post-doctoral fellows must receive approval from the primary investigator before they apply.

Any Questions?

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have. You can reach us at dukeresearchscholars@gmail.com