Novel Intervention Development Incubator (NIDI)

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Format: Monthly 60 minutes second Tuesday of each month, 4pm-5pm. Chaired by Drs. Keefe, Bettger, and Colón-Emeric.  Open to Roybal Center investigators, trainees, visiting scientists, as well as investigators/trainees from Duke and other institutions.

Long-Term Goal: To serve as an incubator and intellectual resource for developing novel, theory-based interventions to optimize health, promote functional independence and prevent disability among adults.

Vision:  This Working Group will provide a venue for scholarly and open exchange among investigators who have a keen interest in translational intervention research.  The Working Group is designed to provide a creative and supportive environment that encourages innovation and enhances the translational intervention skills of investigators.

Potential Topics/Presentations:  Presenters will give a very brief talk about an intervention they are/or would like to develop and pose a key question they would like input on.  Attendees will then each have an opportunity to provide a response.   As such, the sessions will provide opportunities for investigators to get input and advice that can be used to shape and refine their intervention development research.

Upcoming Meetings & Presentations (via Zoom):

March 9, 2021: Dr. Kathryn Starr, PhD “Extending Legacy Benefits of Obesity Reduction in Older Adults: A Novel Telehealth Intervention using Nutrition and Exercise

April 13, 2021: Dr. Anthony Sung, MD and Rhonda Merwin, PhDAcceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to Improve Physical Function in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HCT)

May 11, 2021: Dr. Sangeeta Joshi, MDA Feasibility Study Evaluating a Pranayama (Yoga Breathing Exercises) Intervention Towards Improving Mobility in Disabling Dyspnea of Chronic Conditions”