Not Sure What To Do This Summer?

200+ clamor for info about summer research opportunities

By: Thabit Pulak

Dr. Grunwald discussing research opportunities at the Summer Research Programs event

Dr. Grunwald discussing research opportunities at the Summer Research Programs event

“What are you doing this summer?”

Whether it is coming from a concerned parent, or just a friend, this is a question that makes most of us anxious. What can I do this summer? Well, you can kick off your sandals and relax by the seashore. Or you can take a road trip across the country with your friends. Or go backpacking in Europe. Or sleep for 10 hours a day, and watch some extra… Oh, did you have something else in mind? I suppose there’s always some exciting summer research opportunities 🙂

When an info session titled “Summer Research Opportunities” popped up in one of my emails. I thought it would be pretty interesting, so I decided to attend. As I made my way to Perkins 217, I saw a flood of people  trying to enter at the same time as myself. The room had capacity to seat at least 200 people, and not only was it filled, but some people had to sit on the floor. This must have some pretty exclusive stuff, I thought. It was like Black Friday, except it was for people trying to get to a stack of handouts near the entrance of the room, which had a list of the summer opportunities (if you weren’t there never fear, here is a link!)

The event was lead by Dr. Ron Grunwald, who directs the Undergraduate Research Support Office. He started by pointing out Duke’s undergraduate research website, highlighting a few of the countless opportunities available to Duke undergrads for research.

I have listed a handful of them below with a brief description:

These programs are just a few of the opportunities that are available. Good luck in your summer research hunt!



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