October’s Bestsellers from the Gothic Bookshop

Here are the top ten books purchased at Duke’s Gothic Bookshop in October! There are some fantastic Duke alumni on the list! Also, read more about Marian Wright Edelman’s (Hon. ’92) recent visit to campus.

  1. The Neurotic Parent’s Guide to College Admissions by J. D. Rothman
  2. Ruhlman’s Twenty by Michael Ruhlman ’85
  3. Duke University Campus Guide by John M. Bryan
  4. Lincoln’s Code by John Witt
  5. Starting At The Finish Line by Amy Unell ’03
  6. The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis by Lydia Davis
  7. I Can Make A Difference by Marian Wright Edelman
  8. Leading With The Heart by Mike Krzyzewski
  9. The Sea Is So Wide and My Boat Is So Small by Marian Wright Edelman
  10. Beyond Good Intentions by Tori Hogan ’04


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