Words From Our Founder

Project HEAL Origins by Anna M. Laucis (Brown) Project HEAL (Health Education and Awareness in Latin America) started out as an idea. I was inspired by the presentations of graduating seniors at the Global Health symposium in Spring of my Freshman year at Duke. One presentation was about a health education program in Belize. I […]

Photo Gallery: Honduras 2019

The 2019 Honduras Team enjoying a meal with their host families.  Anisha, Brian, and Esther posing with Profesora Doris, Dayra, and Briana.  Brian and Briana giggling away.  Santiago Plaza in Camasca, Honduras.  Daily views from walks throughout Camasca.  The local public school, or urbana, in Camasca.  A nighttime walk with the team.  Brian and his […]

Latin America Is Not All The Same: Anisha Watwe

by Anisha Watwe, 2019 Honduras Trip Since I’ve been away, a conversation I’ve had way too frequently with some of my friends and family starts a little like this: Them: Hey, how’s Costa Rica! Me: Actually, I’m in Honduras. There is a very prevalent perception that all countries south of the U.S. are essentially the […]

Our PHEAL 2019 Graduates!

We are proud of and will truly miss the seniors who spread the mission of Project H.E.A.L. while at Duke. Meet two very special seniors who served as co-presidents of PHEAL from 2017-2018.   Lissa Neira   What Project HEAL (or also commonly referred to as Project Heal/ “P Heel”/ “Feal”/ “Fi Fi” /etc) means […]

Family Planning: Nava’s Honduras Story

by Nava Barman, 2017 Honduras Trip The more memorable experiences I have had in Honduras this past summer was conducting my interviews with women of varying ages in Honduras on family planning. When they were willing to talk and disclose their experiences, I felt truly engaged and blessed to be able to listen to their […]

Girl Talk: Lissa’s Volunteer Story

by Lissa Neira, 2017 Honduras Trip While in Honduras, we got the chance to visit a high school in Camasca and give a talk about women’s health. In the end of the talk we briefly mentioned women’s periods as a sort of last minute addition to the presentation. When it came to the question portion […]

“Yes, I can!”: Dahlia’s Honduras story

by Dahlia Chacon, 2017 Honduras Trip In the rural community of Camasca, Honduras, I conducted research on self-esteem in adolescent females, specifically between the ages of 10-18, for five weeks with Duke’s Project H.E.A.L. (Health and Education Awareness in Latin America). I utilized questions that I developed through pre-interview focus groups to determine the most […]

Beginning of Spring 2016; Join us!

Duke’s Project HEAL warmly welcomes everyone back to campus for the beginning of our fall semester! With so many activities and projects going on, there is definitely an exciting aura present in our campus. Classes, social activities, academic interests, work, friendships, clubs and all of the many aspects which we will indulge ourselves in during […]

Fall 2015 Highlights

September Highlights Photo Credits: “Chapel Steeple” by Corey Butler. Cropped. License. Volunteering Fair- September 10th 11:30AM-2:30PM Bryan Center Mall First GBM/Volunteer Orientation- September 14th 6:30PM Social Sciences 311 DCRC Volunteering– September 19th 10:30AM-12:30PM East Campus Ark Enlaces Volunteering– Septebmer 24th 6:30PM-8:30PM Place TBD  Second GBM- September 29th 8:00PM Place TBD   OCTOBER HIGHLIGHTS September 29- Executive Board Application go live October 7 Creating […]

Mounika’s Honduras Trip

by Mounika Pogula, 2015 Gonduras Trip The purpose of this trip was multi-fold: to design and implement easy to understand workshops in Spanish for locals of a riverfront community undergoing water system developments. The village of El Pital has been undergoing recent changes such as the installation of cable TV, cellphone towers, and now updates […]