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Site Selection/Orientation

If you are enrolled in any of the following courses or you are interested in continuing as a PfS volunteer, you must attend a PfS orientation meeting before the end of drop/add:

  • Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education (EDUC 101)
  • Educational Psychology (EDUC/PSYCH 240)

During this meeting, you will go over PfS policies and procedures and complete the necessary paperwork to volunteer in Durham schools and after-school centers.

Site-selection meetings will be held on Duke’s East Campus in the Program in Education Tutoring Lab which is located in the West Duke Building – Room 09

Please bring a laptop or tablet, if you have one. 

To be COMPLETED prior to the PfS Orientation/Site-selection Meeting:

(1) Complete the PfS Tutor Information Form (Link)

  • Once you hit submit, no confirmation email will be sent to you

(2) Complete the Durham Public Schools background check application (Link)

  • Will need Social Security or I-94 number*
  • Email your application confirmation emails to Joanna (
    • You should receive this within minutes after hitting submit
    • Can search email with this tag: DPS New Volunteer Registration Confirmation
  •  If you think you have a currently approved status, please check your email for this tag: Volunteer status- Durham Public Schools
    • Email the approval email Joanna
    • Volunteer status must be approved through April 21st
    • If not found, please alert Joanna
  • If having a hard time completing the application due to log-in issues, please alert Joanna

(3) CLICK HERE to view available times and sign up for a site-selection meeting (Required)

*Reach out to PfS staff if you do not have a Social Security or an I-94 number