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Group Reflections

Students will have a chance to critically reflect with the PfS Tutor Coordinator and a small group of tutors about their service-learning experiences. Tutors must sign up for group reflections within the stated times (makeup times will not be offered). Group reflections will not be held outside of the dates stated below. You will want to sign up as soon as possible. Please give 24 hours notice if you can no longer attend a session. Delete your name from the signup sheet so another student can take your place. Try to sign up for times where others are signed up. If none of the times listed fit your schedule, please alert Maranatha by noon the Friday before GR’s begin so she can add additional time options.

 Small-Group Reflection #1: March 2nd-6th**Sign Up!

**You will need to bring a reflection or a reflective-type of assignment. Check with your professor on what assignment might fit if you are not writing formal reflections. 

Small-Group Reflection #2: April 6th-10th

~Both GR1 and GR2 Required for EDUC 101 (Dr. Anderson, Dr. Wynn/Carney), Dr. Malone’s EDUC 240

~Dr. Daniels’ EDUC 240: GR1 or  GR2 Required. If you attend GR1, you may attend GR2 for Extra Credit

All group reflection meetings will be held on Duke’s East Campus in the Program in Education Tutoring Lab – Room 09 (next to ROTC offices), which is located in the basement of the West Duke Building. If you are facing the Washington Duke statue (sitting man), West Duke is the building directly to the left of the statue.