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Divinity-Graduate-Law-Nursing-Medicine-Enviro-And More!

Whatever color stripes you’re earning and whatever stage of study and exploration you find yourself, you are invited to take a break from the books and the lab for conversation about theological questions and a Christian response to global and local issues.  This group is hosted by the Presbyterian-Reformed House of Studies at Duke Divinity, but our open-minded, open-hearted group welcomes all theologically curious folk to join us!


1st and 3rd Tuesdays!
5:30-7:00pm @Blue Corn Cafe
FREE Appetizers and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Beer/Wine/Margaritas on your dime

Fall 2016 Schedule:

This fall balances “live wire” topics facing the world and the church with topics of formation for Christian disciples.

Sept 6: Dialogue on Mental Health in the Church, with Lara Musser Gritter (First Pres Greensboro and PRHS alum) How do we talk about and de-stigmatize mental health in the church? How do we care for our own mental health as pastors and ministers? What resources should we know about?

Sept 20: Christian Education in the Church, with Marcia Floding (St. Giles PC) and Tommy Grimm (Trinity Avenue PC) As future clergy, what should we know about Christian education for all ages? As new pastors or field ed students, how could we go about planning a Bible study or Sunday School class?

Oct 4: Dialogue on LGBT Concerns, with Mindy Douglas (First Pres. Durham) We’re a group of denominations with different stances on affirmation and acceptance of the LGBT community, both among the denominations and within our churches–so how do we talk and think about it? And how do we do so in a way that loves our LGBT brothers and sisters instead of issue-izing them? How do we make a place at the table both for those who have been hurt by churches’ LGBT policies and those who do not affirm LGBT clergy? Or can we?

Oct 18: Church Administration, with Bob Dunham (University Pres) What should seminarians know about managing personnel and leading effectively in the church? How do we work effectively as supervisors and empower others alongside us?

Nov 1: Dialogue on Election and Politics, with Mac McCorkle (Sanford School) What does it look like to engage in the political sphere as a person of Christian faith? How should our faith affect our political views and our thoughts on voting? How can churches talk about civic engagement, especially across division and polarization in the church and world?

Nov 15: Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy, with Margaret Frothingham (Blacknall Pres) and Laura Johnson (Chaplain Resident at Duke Hospital and PRHS alum) What are some foundations and practices of good pastoral care in church and clinical settings? What can we learn about humanity and about God from pastoral care? What job/career/CPE options are there for those interested in focusing on pastoral care?

Fall 2015 Schedule:

This fall’s “On Tap” conversations target Duke Divinity students in particular.  With guests from across ministry settings, TOT provides an opportunity to discuss aspects and opportunities in the church with experts in the field.

9/1-New Church Development with Mindy Douglas, Amanda Diekman and Franklin Golden
9/15-Preaching with Katherine Kussemaul (not confirmed)
10/6-Reformed Spirituality with Katie Crowe
10/20-Topic TBD with Chris Tuttle
11/3-Campus Ministry (and non-traditional ministries) with Katie Owen Aumann, Scott Phillips, and John Rogers
11/17-Hymns and Using a Hymnal with Kathy Parkins

Fall 2014 Schedule:

We’re trying a new structure for “On Tap” conversations this fall.  Duke Divinity’s RSA is partnering with a different graduate school each month for intentional conversation around a topic of mutual interest.  Specific topics forthcoming.  Tentative calendar:

9/23: RSA Partners with Duke Law–Guest Speaker Dean Gerald Wilson
10/21: RSA Partners with Nicholas School for the Environment
11/18: RSA Partners with Duke Med

Spring 2014 Schedule:

1/21: Theology and Place (with Rev. Joe Harvard)
2/4: Women’s Voices in the Church
2/18: Segregated or Integrated Church? What is to be gained? (with Black Seminarians Union)
3/4: What do Muslims and Christians have to gain from conversation? (with Abdullah Antepli, Muslim chaplain)
3/18: Theology and the Environment (with Creation Matters)
4/1: Pope Francis: One Year Later (with Duke Catholic Center)
4/15: Wrapping it up: Where does the conversation go from here?

Fall 2013 Schedule:

9/3: Kickoff Week: Do You Really Need Church?
9/17: Syria: How Should Christian’s Respond?
10/1: Immigration: What Does it Mean to Love Your Neighbor?
10/29: Love: Exploring Healthy Christian Relationships
11/5: Interfaith Dialogue: Christian-Muslim Relations
11/19: Prayer: How Should We Speak to God? How Does God Speak to Us?
12/3: Advent Expectation…Topic TBD!

Summer 2013 Schedule:

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 3.33.10 PM

6/4:   Time. A commodity or a gift?
6/11:  Public Witness: What role should our faith have in political activism?
6/18: Prayer. What are we doing anyway?
6/25: God and Guns. Thinking theologically about weapons in society
7/2:     I Pledge Allegiance…to God or country or both?
7/9:     Sabbath and Social Media: Should we ever unplug?
7/16:   Money. Does it matter what we do with it? Why?
7/23:  Meaning vs. Happiness: What are we really searching for?
7/30:  Poverty. Defining rich and poor in the world and in the church?


Spring 2013 Schedule:

1/15: Welcome and “What’s on Tap” This Semester
1/22: What’s It Mean to be “Reformed”? What are the “Essential Tenets”?
1/29: Food, Faith, and Ethics with Dr. Norman Wirzba
2/5: TOT: Open Topic Night
2/12: Roberts Rules of Order: Church Governance at Work
2/19: TOT: Open Topic Night
2/26: Physician Assisted Suicide: A Reformed Perspective with Dr. Allen Verhey
3/5: TOT: Open Topic Night
3/19: Ethics of Community Engagement with Terry Allebaugh (Housing for New Hope)
3/26: Exploring Holy Week Together
4/2: Anti-Racism Training with Sean Novak
4/9: TOT: Open Topic Night
4/16: Scripture and Being Reformed with Dr. Cavan Concannon
4/23: End of Year Celebration!

Fall 2012 Schedule:

10/9  Coming Out or Staying in: Thinking about Sexuality in the Church and As the Church
10/16 Fall Break-No Meeting
10/23 TOT: Open Topic Night
10/30 Faith and Politics with Dean Gerald Wilson
11/6 TOT: Open Topic Night
11/13 Theology and the Arts (Meet at Duke Divinity rather than FullSteam)
11/20 Thanksgiving-No Meeting
11/27 TOT: Open Topic Night
12/4 Christmas Potluck at FullSteam!



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