Duke PCM+ Board

Duke Presbyterian Campus Ministry is governed by a board of directors composed of representatives from supporting congregations in Durham and Chapel Hill, alongside alumni, graduate and undergraduate student representatives.  The members of the board pray for the ministry, maintain links between the congregations and the campus, and envision the future of the ministry as a part of God’s ever-unfolding kingdom.

Class of 2017

Tom Hadzor (Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church, Durham), Moderator
Dan Barco (Pilgrim United Church of Christ), Treasurer
Cody Skidmore (Member-at-Large), Secretary
Jamie Dilweg (Alum, Member-at-Large)
Rev. Janise Smith (Member-at-Large)
Rev. Mandy Mizelle (Member-at-Large)

Class of 2018

Julie Maxwell (First Presbyterian Church, Durham), Vice Moderator
Tim Pinnegar (Blacknall Presbyterian Church)
Matt Collen (Mt Bethel Presbyterian Church)
Sara Pottenger (Westminster Presbyterian Church)
Carlon Ocel (Alumni Representative)
Rev. Sam Miglarese (Member-at-Large)
Dana Campbell (Member-at-Large)

Student Representatives

Natalie Knox (PCM+ Undergrad Representative)
Katie Ross (Duke Div Representative)

Ex-officio Member

Rev. Katie Owen Aumann, Presbyterian Campus Minister

Officers for 2016-2017

Tom Hadzor, Moderator
Julie Maxwell, Vice-Moderator
Cody Skidmore, Secretary
Dan Barco, Treasurer

Interested in serving on the Duke PCM Board?  Contact Katie at katie.aumann@duke.edu or 919-438-1541.


Board Meetings for 2016-2017
Tuesdays 5:30-7:00pm unless otherwise noted

August 9-Westminster Presbyterian

September 13-Pilgrim UCC

October 11-Trinity Avenue Presbyterian

November 8-First Presbyterian Church

December 6-Duke Chapel Basement

January 17-TBD

February 11 (9am-Noon)-Duke Chapel TBD

April 11-TBD

June 13-TBD

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