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PCM+ Advent Devotional 2020

This is the sixth year that the students and young alumni of Duke PCM+ created an Advent devotional for the community, and this year it feels more important than ever.  As many of you know, Advent is known to Christians as a time of waiting for both the birth of the Messiah and the second coming of Christ. In Advent, we strengthen our belief in the truth that though the world can be filled with darkness, the light of Christ has come to bring salvation and will come again.

The students at Duke have faced disappointments and darkness this past semester. What a gift to see how their faith in God has been challenged and deepened and given new perspective in the midst of the most tumultuous year of their lives. You will see throughout the devotional that the theme of God’s light breaking through to a broken world is prevalent in the thoughts and writings of these students.

Our prayer is that that this devotional might connect you to the greater community of faith during an especially isolating season and that you might be strengthened this Advent by Christ’s hope, love, joy, and peace.

Many thanks to Reese Torstrick, class of 2022, for organizing and creating this year’s devotional!

The following link provides you with access to a printable version of the devotional that is meant to be a folded booklet.  Advent Devotional 2020