December 17, 2019 | Zechariah 8: 1-17

In the text today, we see God in all His glory—from his anger and divine frustration to his unconditional love. To the people of Zion in the passage, Israel was just a barren land torn apart by strife and chaos, but when God looks upon the nation, he sees a bright future of children playing in the streets and the elderly smiling from the sides.

Just as we condemn things in our own lives, the Israelites distrusted God’s vision for the world. Yet in His unending mercy, God gave His people yet another chance: follow these rules I set forth for you and watch your nation flourish. Speak truth, work for peace, and bear no evil in your heart, and My love will know no bounds.

Lord, help us recognize that our perspective is nothing compared to Yours. As we march onwards towards the birth of Your son, let us give thanks for all the gifts you have given us, even when we don’t recognize them ourselves. The days prior to Christmas became brighter and brighter in anticipation of Jesus; our days become brighter and brighter in anticipation of your vision for the world.

 With praise and thanksgiving,


Alex Burgin, ’23