An Advent Devotional from PCM+

Since 2015, Duke’s Presbyterian Campus Ministry+ has created an advent devotional. Though it is the busiest time of year for students, we believe that it is worth the effort for many reasons. First, as students study for finals and then abruptly leave campus for their various homes, the devotional keeps students connected to their PCM+ community and spiritual home at Duke. Second, it gives a brief daily respite for students and those connected to the ministry as well as an opportunity to learn from Scripture and the reflections of their peers.

Finally, and most importantly, the devotional provides a simple way for us to enter into the mystery of the birth of Christ with prayer, reverence, and reflection. Our prayer is that this devotional might invite you into the Advent Season of Christ’s hope, love, joy, and peace.

The link below provides you access to a printable version of the devotional. We will also be posting the individual entries on our website and social media each day of Advent.

Many thanks to Grace Smith, class of 2020, for organizing and creating this year’s devotional!

Advent Devotional 2019_PDF