Room at the Table…and on the Lawn

2011-09-08_13-37-52_694[2]A small group of students have joined me for lunch the last two weeks on Thursday on the quad in front of the chapel.  We’ve gathered to share conversation and food.  It’s a perfect time in the week to stop for 5 minutes (or an hour) and take a breath from the craziness of Duke life, to sit in the grass and pick at the weeds like you did when you were five, and to recognize that relationships are as important as homework (and perhaps more important). I’ve also noticed that each week, someone has seen a friend and joined us on the lawn because the great thing about picnic lunch is that there’s always room for one more.

So, what are you doing on Thursday for lunch (12:00-1:30)?  There’s room at the table…or rather, on the lawn…for YOU.