Policy & Government

  • Sanford Urban Policy Club

President: Alena Antonowich

  • Rural Policy Club

President: Rachael Grainger

  • Liberty in North Korea 

President: Dianne Kim

  • Duke Students for Justice in Palestine

President: Hamza Mohamoud

  • Duke Science Policy, Advocacy, and Ethics

President: Rachel Keener

  • Duke Democrats 

President: Anika Mitra

  • Duke Justice Project

President: Chloe Nguyen

  • Duke Conservation Society

The Duke Conservation Society is a professional student group focusing on contemporary conservation issues and solutions. We cover a variety of fields and explore multiple forms of conservation including wildlife, land trusts, market-based, community-based, and policy-based among others. Our vision is to provide a resource for students and future conservationists in finding solutions to our natural world’s most pressing problems.

Website: https://sites.duke.edu/conservationsociety/