• Duke UNICEF 

President: Ruthie Kesri

  • SuWA

President: Tessa Kanjiramkuzhey

  • Student Advisory Board at the DHRC@FHI

President: Gargi Mahadeshwar

  • SKY @ Duke 

President: Shreya Goel

  • Shave and Buzz at Duke University

President: Maxmilian Huber

  • Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention & Education

President: Rhea Tejwani

  • Scoop

President: Talya von Planta Newman

  • Runway of Dreams at Duke

President: Abigail Ullendorff

  • Me Too Monologues 

President: Benjamin Chipman

  • Humans of Duke 

President: Gabriela Pereda

  • Gente Aprendiendo para Nuevas Oportunidades

President: Emily Da Cruz

  • First Generation Investors at Duke

President: Niso Nahmiyas

  • Effective Altruism: Duke

President: Yinhong Zhao

  • DukeGIVE

President: Drew LoPolito

  • Duke Impact Investing Group

President: Angela Wu

  • Duke Engineers for International Development

President: Dea Muca

  • Duke ASL 

President: Emma Runia

  • Define America 

President: Maya Lytje

  • Duke PAWS

PAWS volunteers with local animal welfare organizations and shelters. These include the APS of Durham and IAR.

President: Angie Deoleo

Instagram: @paws_duke

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dukepaws

  • Rotaract Club of Duke University

Rotaract is part of Rotary International, a global service organization. We focus on community service, international service, and professional development projects.

President: Heidi Smith

Instagram: @dukerotaract

  • Coalition for Preserving Memory

CPM is dedicated to memorializing genocide victims from the 20th and 21st centuries in a way that will be relevant and meaningful to future generations. Our small team of students works to plan on campus events such as film screenings, speakers, and our annual 24-hour name reading ceremony in order to foster conversation and remembrance.

“Remembering humanity at its worst to inspire it at its best.”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dukecpm/

Website: www.coalitionforpreservingmemory.com

President: Rebecca Ritterband

  • Duke NAACP

Focusing on healthcare, education, and political action, Duke’s NAACP chapter aims to establish the foundation for lifelong involvement in social justice and engage with social justice work at Duke and in Durham.

Instagram/Twitter: @dukenaacp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DukeNAACPchapter

  • Alpha Phi Omega 

We are the Lambda Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, the only co-ed community service fraternity at Duke University. Founded in 1955, our chapter takes pride in its service to humanity, as well as the bonds within its diverse membership. We are engineers, pre-meds, humanities majors, athletes, artists, dancers, environmentalists, and activists. In spite of our differences, we are a family that serves together. We do everything from tutoring Durham high school students to tending crops at the Duke Campus Farm to taking care of tigers at Carolina Tiger Rescue! We welcome new brothers at the beginning of every semester.

Instagram: @dukeapo

Website: https://sites.duke.edu/dukeapo

  • Project Tadpole

Project Tadpole is a service organization focused on increasing accessibility to toys modified for disabilities through outreach events and engineering.

Website: https://dukegroups.com/tadpole/home/

President: Jessica Shah

  • Inside Education

Inside Education is an organization that allows Duke students interested to education to come together to meet others with similar interests and have conversations about a variety of different issues pertaining to education. We also do service projects and host social events.

Facebook: Duke Inside Education

  • Wingman’s Society

Group for Air Force ROTC members to have fun together and serve the Duke and NCCU communities.