• National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) on Campus at Duke University

President: Ro Huang

  • Duke Student Collaborative on Health Policy

President: Zavera Basrai

  • Duke Red Cross

President: Lauren Winslow

  • Duke Public Health Brigades

Presidents: Emily Robers, Glory Olowojoba

  • Duke Global Brigades

President: Muhib Methani

  • Duke Best Buddies 

President: Nikki Daniels

  • African Nations for Care 

President: Advaita Singh

  • Doctors Without Borders 

President: Julian Burbano

  • Brain Injury Awareness Club 

President: Neha Vutakuri

  • Planned Parenthood Generation Action Duke

President: Anna Muthalaly

  • Partners In Health Engage

President: Alejandra Mella-Velazquez

  • Pancakes for Parkinson’s

President: Sara Scanlan

  • NeuroCare

President: Elizabeth Kayzman

  • Duke Helping Hands for Alzheimers and other Neurological Disorders

Duke HAND seeks to provide our members with the real-world experience of end of life care through volunteering with multiple dementia care partners in the Durham community. We also intend to start a conversation among our members about the existing attitudes of death and dying, and the treatment of seniors and those with neurological disorders.

President: Melinda Guo

Instagram:  @duke.hand

  • Operation Smile

Operation Smile is an organization focused on spreading awareness on global health issues, especially access to safe surgery for cleft condition patients. We work with the global nonprofit Operation Smile and Duke Cleft and Craniofacial Center’s nonprofit Smile Together.

President: Jondre Macaraeg

Instagram:  @dukeopsmile

  • Project HEAL

The mission of Project HEAL is to implement research and service projects in Latinx communities with the aim of reducing global health disparities through education and empowerment. We value sustainable development and preventative measures to improve community health.

President: Aiyana Villaneuva


  • Blue Devils vs. Cancer 

We are a service organization affiliated with Duke Cancer Institute aiming to raise awareness for different cancers, fundraise for Duke Cancer Institute, and build a community within the Duke population of students with a similar goal of fighting cancer!


President: Sophie Finkelstein

Instagram: @bluedevilsvscancer

  • Adopt a Grandparent

Adopt-a-Grandparent is committed to providing senior citizens with social and emotional support and fostering the formation of positive relationships between Duke students and the local senior citizen community. We currently volunteer in-person with Croasdaile Village every Saturday!


President: Isaac Yang

  • Harmonies for Health 

Harmonies for Health is an organization dedicated to bringing empathy and kindness to the local healthcare community through music therapy at the Ronald McDonald House and the Durham Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Currently, we are looking for volunteers to play live music for residents of the DNRC via Zoom on Saturdays from 2-3 pm EST. We are also open to video submissions if you are unable to volunteer live. For more information, you can contact


  • Duke eNable

eNable is an organization of Duke students that strive to build prosthetics and adaptive devices for limb-different recipients in the Durham area and beyond! All of our devices are customized and designed specifically to suit the recipients and their lifestyles.


  • Pancakes for Parkinson’s

Pancakes For Parkinson’s is a service organization with a goal to raise funds for the Michael J. Fox Foundation to support Parkinson’s research. We do this by holding multiple events each year that involve pancakes, puppies, and more to raise money for a fantastic cause.

Instagram: @p4p_duke


  • Duke DevilThon

DevilTHON is a philanthropic organization that raises money for the Duke Children’s Hospital. We hold fundraisers, including our annual Dance Marathon, to help ensure that every child has access to funding for healthcare procedures.

President: Dev Shah

Instagram: @devilthon

  • Be The Match

We hold fundraisers, bone marrow donor registry drives, and other events to help those suffering from deadly blood cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma to receive life-saving transplants.

President: Taylor Nguyen

Duke Groups:

  • Peer Advocacy for Sexual Health

Peer Advocacy for Sexual Health (PASH) is Duke University’s peer-run Sexual Health Resource Center. We are a group of students passionate about improving sexual health at Duke. Our goal is to do this by empowering our peers with knowledge they need to engage in healthy sexual interactions and encouraging non-judgmental discourse on a variety of sexual health topics such as STI prevention, birth control, sexual pleasure and sexual relationships.


  • Progress.Period.

Progress.Period. is a menstrual health and reproductive health activism group on campus. Our mission is to reduce the stigma surrounding menstruation and raise awareness for the physiological, psychological, social, and economic issues that those who experience menstruation on campus and around the world face as a result of this stigma. We seek to accomplish this goal by raising awareness and funds on campus for the distribution of feminine hygiene products to local homeless shelters and organizations which distribute them to communities in need abroad. We also strive to initiate policy-related efforts, such as abolishing the tampon tax.

Co-presidents: Velda Wang, Sophie Carroll

Instagram: @progressperiodduke

  • Duke Helping Hands for Alzheimers and other Neurological Disorders

EyeServe is a service organization dedicated to volunteering, fundraising, and educating undergraduates on the issues of low vision and blindness. Specifically EyeServe hopes to recruit and organize transportation for undergraduates to participate at local Durham events put on organizations such as the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Additionally, this organization is not yet SOFC Approved; we’d like to discuss ways to spread awareness of the new club to then apply to SOFC for.

President: Benjamin Perry

  • GlobeMed at Duke

GlobeMed aims to mobilize a community of students and grassroots leaders to work together to improve the health of people around the world. Today, more than 1,000 students across 36 university-based chapters use the GlobeMed model sustain one-to-one, long-term partnerships with grassroots organizations in communities across Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Through these partnerships, we are building a global network of human connection and impact.

President: David Kong


  • Leaders UNITE

Leaders UNITE is a leadership organization that volunteers with elementary, middle, and high school students all across North Carolina. We conduct hands-on leadership activities, discussions, service-projects, leadership conferences, and other events that give students the opportunity to practice leadership and teamwork in a fun way. In Leaders UNITE, we believe that anyone can be a leader and that everyone can use their own unique strengths to become leaders in the classroom and in their community!



  • Healthy Hands Initiative 

HHI is a nonprofit that aims to provide clean and safe drinking water solutions to villages in India. In the past 2 years, we have installed 4 water hand pumps in 4 villages in India, and have contracts in place to maintain the hand pumps for 10 years.

Co-presidents: Mehul Jain, Aden Clemente


Instagram: @hhinitiative.duke

  • Duke Remote Area Medical

We take volunteers to pop-up medical clinics in rural areas across the south for hands-on, impactful experiences with providing medical care and addressing health inequalities. We also plan our own pop-up medical clinic in Henderson North Carolina and engage in various health equity service and advocacy opportunities in Durham.

Co-presidents: Eileen Wen, Anika Vemulapalli, Saajan Patel, Anvi Charvu

Instagram: @dukeremoteareamedical


  • Duke Global Medical Brigade

Duke Global Medical Brigades highlights the importance of sustainable global engagement and volunteering through a medical context. We embark on brigades across the world where members witness how cultural and global differences shape healthcare. Through this firsthand experience, members gain an understanding of sustainable medical work and how communities can be empowered to grow for themselves.


  • Help Desk

Help Desk is a student volunteer program in partnership with Duke Health and Lincoln Community Health Center in Durham and offers students patient engagement experience. Our Community Resource Navigators help connect patients in person and over the phone to local community resources that address non-medical needs, like food and housing insecurity. Volunteer recruitment runs 2-3 times a year, but we encourage you to reach out to at any time if you are interested in joining or visiting for some background on our organization.

Presidents: Grace Lee, Advika Kumar, Matthew Yuan

  • Root Causes Undergraduate Coalition
The mission of the Duke Root Causes Undergraduate Coalition is to assist in the operations of Root Causes, a community organization based in the Duke University School of Medicine that is focused on alleviating disparities caused by the social determinants of health in the greater Durham area. Specifically, members will have the opportunity to work with the various components of Root Causes addressing different social determinants of health, including, but not limited to, the Fresh Produce Program, Healthy STEPS, Project FEED, and WellNest. Through this organization, members will have the opportunity to interact with Durham residents and engage in educational and research opportunities.
Contact: Vijay Anne,