Foundations of Engagement

Foundations of Engagement is a workshop offered by Duke Civic Engagement. It allows students to explore essential questions related to community engagement, and ensures that service organizations meet dPS standards for sustained, ethical service. 

To receive dPS funding, all student organizations must fulfill the Foundations of Engagement requirement. This can be done by sending at least one member of the executive board, preferably President or Treasurer, to a Foundations of Engagement training session. This is normally held at the beginning of every academic year. Please note that the annual dPS Service Organization Retreat includes this workshop, so if your group has attended that, no further action is required.

If your organization missed Foundations of Engagement, or has an urgent funding need before the next scheduled training, you may fulfill this requirement through a private consultation. This would be a 30-45 minute meeting with a dPS representative and our advisor, Lindsey Miller Furiness. Like Foundations of Engagement, your organization is expected to send at least one member of the executive board, preferably President or Treasurer.

If you would like to schedule a consultation, or ask about upcoming Foundations of Engagement opportunities, please email one of these individuals:

To summarize, every student organization which seeks dPS funding must do one of the following:

  1. Attend the standalone Foundations of Engagement training
  2. Attend the dPS Service Organization Retreat
  3. Schedule and attend a private consultation with dPS

Any of the aforementioned actions will make your organization eligible for dPS funding for the rest of the academic year. Once this is completed, on the DukeGroups SOFC Programming request forms, you may select “Yes” for the “Has an executive member of your group attended the Foundations of Engagement workshop?” question.

2021-2022 Foundations of Engagement Dates:

9/5/21 (dPS Service Organization Retreat)