List of Funded Expenses


  • Transportation to and from service sites in Durham
    • EXAMPLE: paying for Ubers to and from a Habitat for Humanity build site
  • SOFC has directed all service-related transportation requests to dPS
  • dPS prefers service within the Research Triangle area (Durham, Wake, Orange, and Johnston counties), but long-distance service opportunities may still be funded

Mid-year Capital Expenditures 

  • Equipment, materials, etc. that will be kept and stored long-term
    • EXAMPLE: buying a new toolset halfway through the semester
  • SOFC Programming does not fund capital expenditures, only Annual Budget does

Exclusive Programming 

  • Expenses for service-related activities that are not open to all Duke undergraduates
    • EXAMPLE: buying supplies for an exclusive SLG volunteer activity
    • EXAMPLE: holding a general body meeting for a service group
  • SOFC Programming only funds open events
  • However, dPS prefers that service activities be open to all Duke undergraduates

Conferences and Educational Events 

  • Expenses for conferences, speaker series, and educational events
    • EXAMPLE: plane tickets and hotel room bookings to send a few students to a service-related conference
  • SOFC Programming only funds open events

Materials for Community Partners 

  • Supplies, food, etc. for members of the community whom students are actively working with/for
    • EXAMPLE: in an art enrichment service event, buying art kits for local children to use and keep
    • EXAMPLE: buying small gift cards to compensate community partners who have invested a lot of time and energy into working alongside Duke students
  • This does not include direct donations without meaningful engagement
  • SOFC only funds materials that directly go to Duke students

Philanthropic Events 

  • Supplies for fundraisers and philanthropic events
    • EXAMPLE: buying flour and eggs for a bake sale
  • SOFC Programming does fund philanthropic events, but its funding might be limited

Other Service-Related Expenses

  • If there is a funding need that is not explicitly stated here, please apply for a MiniGrant anyways. We mainly fund the above items, but we may choose to fulfill other funding requests as well.
  • Note: donations to community partners or community organizations are not funded