Decision Guidelines

The Basics

  • $2,000 per group per semester cap
    • If your organization has a compelling need, dPS may choose to extend your funding cap for the semester
    • Refer to the “Funding Cap” section below for more information
  • Prioritized groups
    • Groups engaged in sustained, ethical service
    • i.e. activities involving meaningful, repeated interactions with community members and partners
  • Financial prudence is required
    • Unnecessary, superficial expenses are unlikely to be funded
  • Items would preferably be purchased from ethical sources
    • If possible, buy goods from local businesses, small businesses, Black-owned businesses, etc.
    • If possible, purchase environmentally friendly, reusable resources
  • Soft caps for food (may be expanded if necessary)
    • $3 per person for snacks for an event
    • $5 per person for pizza
    • $4 per person for breakfast
    • $10 per person for lunch
    • $10 per person for dinner
    • $3 per person for dessert

Transportation Guidelines

Service locations:

  • Should be more than a mile from campus (not walkable)
  • Shouldn’t be accessible with public/university transportation
  • dPS is unlikely to fund transportation requests to locations reliably accessed by the Bull City Connector, Duke buses, and similar transit options
  • Students are expected to carpool as much as possible
  • Exemptions may be granted for the aforementioned guidelines because of medical needs, problems with public transportation, or other specific circumstances


  • dPS will use a reimbursement model for Uber and Lyft rides
  • Currently, dPS does not have the capacity to directly purchase Uber and Lyft rides for students
  • Instead, dPS will transfer money to the club, which the club could then use to reimburse the specific students who paid for the rides
  • Reimbursements may take 6-12 weeks to process

SOP-approved car/bus rentals:

  • Click here to see the list of approved transportation vendors 
  • Groups must coordinate with SOP Finance and handle their own logistics – dPS can only transfer funds and offer advice
  • Groups can submit a P-card request to SOP Finance to rent vehicles through the Enterprise on Hillsborough Road
  • Vehicle rental/chartering may be a long and difficult process – please contact SOP Finance several weeks in advance of the event

Funding Cap

  • $2,000 per service organization per semester hard cap
  • If your organization has a compelling need, dPS may choose to extend your funding cap for the semester
  • Your organization Treasurer and/or President must schedule a 45-minute meeting with dPS to discuss the funding need and general club finances
  • After this meeting, dPS will decide whether to extend the funding cap, or keep it at the baseline
  • While reevaluating the funding cap, dPS will consider factors including but not limited to:
    • How essential the additional funding is to club activities
    • Amount of money left in the club fund code
    • Availability of alternative funding sources
    • Attempts to fundraise/obtain external grants
    • Current dPS budget