Financial Advisory

UPDATE: Starting Spring 2022, funding is now capped at $2,000 per group per semester. This cap can be extended if there is a compelling reason. Please refer to the funding cap section for more information.

UPDATE: Starting Fall 2021, dPS is no longer funding donations to community partners or community organizations. Donations were funded during the 2020-2021 school year purely because most service activities were shut down at the time.


dPS MiniGrants are a flexible funding source for service organizations or organizations engaging in service activities. We may fund items that SOFC programming or other Duke resources do not cover, such as transportation, capital expenses in the middle of the year, closed events, and materials benefiting community partners. All SOFC chartered or recognized groups are invited to apply for MiniGrants.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the dPS VP of Finance, or the dPS President.

VP of Finance:

Fayfay Ning,


Anjali Gupta,

How to Apply:

Groups can apply for dPS MiniGrants through DukeGroups. The application is simply an optional additional section of the SOFC programming application. 


  1. Group applies for both SOFC and dPS funds through the DukeGroups SOFC programming application
  2. SOFC discusses at its next Tuesday hearing and makes funding decision
  3. SOFC submits a transfer request to UCAE if they choose to fund
  4. dPS discusses at its Wednesday night weekly meeting and makes funding decision
  5. dPS submits a transfer request to UCAE that same day if they choose to fund
  6. UCAE transfers funds from dPS to the group’s fund code
  7. Group spends the funds through UCAE
  8. Group fills out accountability form within a week of the event end
  9. Group transfers back unused funds if necessary


  • DukeGroups will provide information about the status of the group’s request
  • Look out for email correspondence from the dPS VP of Finance



  • Group is SOFC chartered or recognized
  • Group is in good standing with dPS
  • Group is a service group, or is engaging in service-related activities
  • Executive members must have attended the Foundations of Engagement training

      • If groups are not able to attend the Foundations of Engagement training, they may instead seek a private consultation with Duke Civic Engagement (DCE) and dPS. Please email to set up a meeting.
      • Foundations of Engagement trainings were held on 9/5 and 9/9 for the Fall 2021 semester.

Group Responsibilities:

  • Groups may be asked to meet with dPS to discuss the request before final funding decisions are made
    • A meeting will likely be be required for new transportation requests, large requests (over $250), or complicated requests
  • Groups should fill out the MiniGrant accountability form within one week of the end of the event
    • Short form asking how much money was used and for what:
    • For recurring transportation requests, dPS may request accountability forms every few weeks
    • In the case of event cancellation or similar situations, dPS may ask for the unused funds to be returned

For more on Decision Guidelines, click here.

For a list of funded expenses, click here.