Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory

dPS + Programming Funding (Mini Grants)

dPS provides service oriented student organizations with access to mini grants! This is a supplementary funding source aimed to cover costs that other University partners are unable to fund, including but not limited to capital expenditures and food/supplies for non-Duke students. The grant application can be found under the “Grants” tab.

dPS + Annual Funding

dPS provides an in-depth and comprehensive process for securing annual funding for member organizations. This process is convenient and uncomplicated for organizations while providing comprehensive deliberations processes to maximize funding allocations each year.

  • We want to help you understand the funding process and help you get the funding you need to promote social action and service on campus and in the community
  • We strive to provide you with financial advice on how to plan your event as well as feedback on your budget presentation
  • We also have a dedicated dPS representative on SOFC that can support your case during meetings

Please reach out to with any questions or to set up a consultation, and we can help!