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Miler Lagos

Thursday, April 11

5:00 PM

Smith’s Warehouse

Bay 10, Rm A266

Miler Lagos (Bogotá, 1972) is a visual artist and (civil engineer. Works in the nexus of science, nature, engineering, and arts. His works invite the viewer to reconsider the material properties of an object. By sculpting on paper, the artist produces objects that appear to be made of solid wood. His material choices relate to specific environmental concerns or local policies. Wood and paper have served as mediums for representing his interest in the intersection of nature and culture. There is a profound concern about studying how human beings have modeled their space or how environmental and geographic conditions have modeled it. Moreover, there is an intention to raise awareness about the conservation of the environment and how we gradually turn nature into a resource to inhabit raw material or merely a vehicle.


Merx Tree: Duke University Installation. Coming Soon!