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At the undergraduate level, the Duke and Makerere BME programs will offer a course simultaneously taught to Duke and Makerere undergraduate students, entitled Transcontinental Design, that creates co-ownership of BME senior design projects. The course will be modelled after the existing Pratt Scholars Program where second semester juniors at both schools simultaneously plan collaborative design projects. This enables teams of Duke and Makerere students to identify healthcare needs, define the problem, and subsequently design technology solutions that are likely to be embraced by the intended Ugandan clients. An end-of-semester competition judged by Duke, DGHI and Makerere faculty will identify the top projects that will be awarded the opportunity to jointly execute their design in their senior year. The students will also be able to collaborate face-to-face as the Duke students will have the opportunity to travel to Kampala over their Spring Break.


Makerere students who have completed their Bachelor’s BME degree will be invited to apply to a joint Duke-MUK Master’s Program.  Admitted students, as selected by a joint committee of Duke and MAK faculty,  will spend their first two semesters on the Duke campus completing 24 course credits in BME, biomedical science, and global health with a focus in biomedical instrumentation and health diagnostics that are the most critical biomedical engineering concerns in Uganda for the foreseeable future. Armed with new skills, the students will return to Makerere University during the summer of their first year to identify and initiate a 6 credit masters dissertation, either research-based (if they are considering the PhD) or entrepreneurial-based (if they are interested in business). The following fall term will be spent completing the masters dissertation, which will include a month-long return trip to Duke to interact with faculty and students, including advising the Duke and Makerere BME undergraduates involved in the Biomedical Engineering for the Developing World design class. Students completing the program will receive master’s degrees from both Duke and Makerere Universities.