2017 Students

2017 Design Teams

Aero Tech: Low-cost detection strip for pre-eclampsia and eclampsia

henryAero Tech

From left:  Henry Kiwumulo, Evatt Nahurira, Zoe Sekyonda, Brian Matovu, Collins Angunda

PulseOX: Bluetooth pulse oximetry probes

From left: Ryan Spears, Yasha Saxena, Nisarg Shah

Grey Matter: Photo-therapy unit for jaundice treatment

From left: Jawad Hoballah, Aniruddh Prakash, Owen Muhimbise, Pius Nuwabiinem

MEDVAC: Redesigning medical vaccine carriers

Kenneth Rubango

From left: Zui Dighe, Vinay Nagaraj, Leighanne Oh, Kenneth Rubango

Biomedical Elites: Flow regulators for oxygen tanks

From left: Meredith Lee, Sanjuana Martinez-Cecineros, Stacie Arechavala




MUK Student Organizations

MUBESA: The Makerere University Biomedical Engineering Student Association (MUBESA) is a vibrant student-run service and professional organization that promotes the development of BME in Uganda.  MUBESA is one of the few programs of its kind in Sub-Sharan Africa.  It is essentially equivalent to the Duke student chapter of BMES (although frankly more active).

EWH: Makerere University BME has the only chapter of Engineering World Health (EWH) in all of Africa and one of a handful outside of the continental U.S.  MUK EWH’s main function is to organize groups of MUK BME students to go to hospitals in Uganda to repair medical equipment.