BME 590: Transcontinental Design in Uganda

Transcontinental Design in Uganda is a course that is offered at Duke University and taught by Professor Monty Reichert. It involves identifying healthcare needs and designing engineering solutions specific to these issues in the setting of Uganda. Students at Duke University are partnered with students in the BME Design course sequence at Makerere University to work collaboratively in this process. Teams hold Skype meeting sessions on a weekly basis, and the students at Duke University have the opportunity to meet their Makerere teammates face-to-face during Spring Break. In the image above are the students in the Transcontinental Design in Uganda course at Duke University. From left: Meggie, Maddie, Brittany, Denali, Collyn, Happy, Maitreyee, Siji, Jerrod, Manish (Picture by Professor Monty Reichert)

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