Who Are We

2022-2023 Executive Board:

President: Alex Stonehill (MS2)

Hi everyone! My name is Alex Stonehill (she/her/hers) and I’m the President of DukeMed Pride. I’m an MS2 from Norwalk, CT. I studied Evolutionary Anthropology at Duke and got my MPH from Imperial College London. I lived and worked abroad for a few years before coming back to Durham because I missed it too much. I love hiking, exploring Durham’s shops and restaurants, and pretending to be good at taking care of plants. I’m excited to work with DukeMed Pride this year!


Secretary: Alex Sizemore (MS1)

Hey! My name is Alex Sizemore (he/him) and I am the Secretary for DukeMed Pride! I’m interested in exploring the barriers to receiving healthcare and expanding access through policy. As a member of DukeMed Pride, I hope to increase visibility and representation of LGBTQ medical students and physicians. Beyond medical school, I love trying new restaurants and bars, playing tennis, doing power yoga, and spending time outside (especially if it involves swimming)! I grew up in South Carolina and completed my undergrad at Davidson College in North Carolina before moving to Boston during my gap year.

Admissions Representative: Daniel Evans (MS4)


Social Events Coordinator: Daniel Villalobos (MS3)


Mentorship Coordinators: Vivian Chen (MS1) (Left) & Michael Ivey (MS1) (Right)


Hey everyone! My name is Vivian (she/her), and I’ve been calling Germany home for the past decade, but I grew up moving around the US and Canada. I went to Duke for undergrad and am lucky to be back for med school. This year, I’m excited to continue building community and fostering mentorship connections through Pride. In my free time, I enjoy yoga, fitness classes, and I’m always down to grab a bite and explore food in the area!

Hello everyone! My name is Michael Ivey (he/him/his), and I was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I double majored in chemistry and Spanish at the University of Michigan. I am an MS1, and as of now I am interested in going into radiology, but that could all change. LGBTQ+ mentorship has been influential in nearly every aspect of my life, and I hope to enrich mentorship here within the Duke community. Feel free to reach out anytime!

Faculty Advisor: Dane Whicker, PhD

Hello! My name is Dane Whicker (He/Him/His), and I have the privilege of being the Faculty Advisor for DukeMed Pride. I love meeting new people and making connections that turn into mentorship relationships. I am passionate about teaching for equity and anti-racism, particularly with our SOM students. My other passions include getting involved with the community, advancing multidisciplinary clinical practice, and pushing the needle on systemic issues to make Duke the best it can be for LGBTQ+ people. Officially, I’m a clinical health psychologist, working with transgender youth and adults going through medical transition. I’m also the Director of LGBTQ+ Initiatives within Duke SOM’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion, and the Co-Director for Duke CTSI’s Equity in Research Core. I enjoy living in Durham with my husband, Jeff, and our “special needs” retired show dog, Rhett, who has helped me learn more about neurology and cardiology than I ever wanted to know!

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