Everything you need to know to become a DukeMed Engage award recipient

1. Learn about DukeMed Engage at the Student Activities Fair and the informational roundtable sessions during the fall of each academic year.

2. Find a mentor (i.e. a physician, faculty, staff, nurse, DPT, etc) in the Duke community or among your own contacts. If you need assistance, contact us at Start reaching out to potential mentors as soon as possible to find a project that fits your interests.

3. Fill out the 2020 DME Application for funding from DukeMed Engage (provided your project has financial needs), and submit by Feb. 28th 2020.

5. Begin acquiring the necessary skills – including language learning – for your project. If you’re leading a group, consider group sessions that include skills training, cultural education and language learning. Even in Durham, many of our patients are non-English speaking.

6. Perform your project! Enjoy getting to know the community you’re serving in and helping meet their needs. Upon completion of the project, each student must complete a short post-project survey about the benefits and challenges of the trip and of working with DukeMed Engage. This survey will guide future improvements to DukeMed Engage and is critical to future funding of this program.

7. In August of the following academic year, a representative of project is expected to present their experience at the DukeMed Engage informational session for future participants. Student leadership for the next year will be chosen from the awardees. This way students who have participated in projects will help run and improve the next generation of DukeMed Engage!

Want to learn more about past projects that students have done? No problem. An exhaustive list of all projects done by students is being compiled by the Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI) and will be made public very soon! In the meantime, check out DGHI’s research and resources for medical studentsDuke Engage opportunities, and browse the database of past third year research projects. Also, be sure to check out our past projects page!

All students who participate in DukeMed Engage are required to read this document before setting up their project. This document prepared by DGHI has been found to be hugely beneficial to mentors & students for developing projects, arranging logistics and preparing for the bumps & barriers inherent in local & international work.


Contact with questions about the application.