The Duke LGBTQ Network is an organization dedicated to serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community of the University. The Network welcomes alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of Duke.

The Network’s purposes include:

  • Building connections among Duke’s LGBTQ community and its allies
  • Maintaining and expanding the network of LGBTQ alumni
  • Advocating for a non-discriminatory and diverse academic, living and working environment at Duke
  • Supporting the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity and its affiliated student groups through programming and networking
  • Providing professional and social opportunities for LGBTQ members of the Duke community around the world

Learn more about the Network through this infographic: Duke LGBTQ Network. The infographic presents:

  • Our mission statement
  • 2015-16 accomplishments
  • A breakdown of our members
  • Our leadership
  • Ways to get involved

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