Tax Preparation Services

Below is general info on VITA tax preparation services. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 tax year return process is different. Click here for more.

Full Service Preparation
Meet face to face with an IRS certified volunteer.  Following a brief interview, the volunteer inputs your information into an IRS authorized tax software program.  The volunteer will complete your federal and state returns in your presence.  The returns will be reviewed by an IRS Certified Quality Reviewer.  Once your return has been approved by the Quality Reviewer your returns will be reviewed with you.  During the review process you will verify the accuracy of all information on the return and request any necessary changes. You will be given copies of the returns for your records.  When eligible your returns will be electronically filed with the IRS.

Drop off Service
You bring copies (not originals) of all of your tax documents and social security cards to one of our tax preparation sites during our hours of operation.  Take a few minutes to complete an Intake/Interview & Quality Review Sheet.  (You could choose to download the form here and complete it in advance.)  Spend a few minutes with an interviewer and be on your way.  Volunteers complete your returns and give you a day, date and time at which to come in to review your returns with you.  During the review process you will verify the accuracy of all information on the return and request any necessary changes.  The review process should take only a few minutes.  You will need to present your government issued photo I.D. and that of your spouse, if applicable.  If you are married filing a joint return, both parties must be present for the quality review and to sign the returns.

Facilitated Self Assist (FSA)
Beginning with tax year 2019 there is no longer an income limit for the use of this free software.

Do you have a simple return?  Do you have an email address?  Then let us help you prepare your own tax returns.  The IRS offers a Facilitated Self Assistance (FSA) program. Under FSA, taxpayers prepare their own returns using an online interview-based software, while IRS-certified volunteers stand ready to assist with tax questions.  To prepare their tax return, clients log in here from a remote location.  They can receive answers to their tax questions by an IRS certified volunteer by calling 1-855-698-9435.
To e-file your tax return or other electronic forms, you must verify your identity with your Self-Select PIN or Adjusted Gross Income from your prior year’s tax return.  Prior to beginning FSA be sure that you have the correct name spelling, social security number and date of birth for everyone claimed on the return.  Have all tax documents including W-2’s, interest statements and 1099’s.  You do not have to complete the entire return in one sitting.  The software allows you to save your information and return to the site at another date.

This software does not support Schedule C (profit and loss from business), Schedule D (capital gains and loss), and Schedule E (supplemental income and loss) filers.