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Human Language


Walking down the street the other day, a little girl walking with her parents suddenly stretched out her hand to my two-year-old daughter and Catalina took it. The girl, her parents, and Catalina all walked along holding hands, even though the parents had not noticed. The two girls, one Moroccan and the other American, connected […]

Confluence of Cultures


This program is a startling confluence of many peoples—joined together to study Arabic and the Muslim world in two radically different locales, Cairo and Fez. Among us, we have: A 4-H Blue Ribbon baker born in Tanzania, raised in Tennessee; a Romanian Egyptian who came to the US when she was 14; a Nigerian Muslim […]

Hospitality to the Traveler


I remember Moroccan hospitality as one that I’ve seen only paralleled in my own “balad.” I mean not America, but where I am from: Kansas City. Here, like there, people take you in, they say hello as part of the most basic ethical interaction with their neighbors, they take care of you when you are […]