DSV Week Four: Making the Connections

Brendan Quinlan/ June 25, 2019/ 2019

On the fourth and final week of Duke in Silicon Valley, our group continued with visits to Accenture, Facebook, Goodby Silverstein and Partners, Instacart, and Carbon 3D. It’s baffling that in spite of the multiple visits and class sessions preceding this week, we are still learning something new. Many times the advice and guidance we hear from the alumni and

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DSV Week Two: Empathy in Design, Vintner’s Daughter, Carbon 3D

Brendan Quinlan/ June 4, 2018/ 2018

“Choose someone you hate. Now, put yourself in their shoes and reason why they would act this way.” Many of the volunteers who took on this task at the start of class had a difficult time setting aside one’s emotional bias against the hated person. Professor Azhar started our ethnography section of our course with this request. We learned that

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Silicon Valley: The Light of the Future

Brendan Quinlan/ June 2, 2017/ 2017

Ever since I set foot in the Bay, I was swept away by the energy and creativity. Even the first sunset had the finesse of a painter, coloring the skies in wide swaths of pink, orange and purple in ways that the New York skies had never shown me. I felt at home. Our first visit to Tesla blew my

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