2010 Census data and LGBT Wyomingites

This news comes courtesy of friend-of-production, blogger Pam Spaulding, who will be shifting her blog over the next few weeks to a new home at Firedoglake.

Today, the Williams Institute released new Census Snapshot: 2010 Reports: 125,516 same-sex couples were counted in California, 33,602 in Pennsylvania, 3,352 in Delaware, 6,176 in Kansas, and 1,147 in Wyoming.

Of the seven states released so far:

  • California has the highest proportion of same-sex couples at nearly 10 per 1,000 households
  • Palm Springs, California has the highest proportion of same-sex couples among cities (115 per 1,000 households), followed closely by Rehoboth Beach, Delaware at 107 per 1,000 households
  • Same-sex couples in Wyoming are the most likely to be raising children (28%)
  • In all states, child-rearing tends to be much higher in more rural areas
  • Same-sex couples are present in 100% of the counties tabulated so far

Data from North Carolina’s census will be released June 30.

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