“Why Do We Need Laramie?” Talk-Back

After the performance on Sunday, April 10, I moderated a panel discussion with Brian Ammons (Duke, Education), Sean Metzger (Duke, English, Theater Studies, AMES) and Jeff Storer (Duke, Theater Studies and Durham’s Manbites Dog Theater). Our discussion (which lasted 55 minutes! we had great questions and great sharing from those who stayed to talk and our cast and our panelists) was filmed by Miriam Sauls for those of you who missed it … enjoy!

I gotta give a shout out to Jacob for his explanation of “Brechtian techniques” which comes at about minute 40.50. Nice! You all have been terrific about jumping in and sharing in these panels. We’ve got another this Friday with visiting scholar Derek Paget and our missing fifth panelist from Sunday, Pam Spaulding. Hope you can stay again and chat with them and our audience.

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