Fall 2011 Enrollment

I can’t believe it’s that time, but pre-registration time for next fall has arrived. I’m sure many of you are meeting with advisors and bookbagging classes/enrolling right now. I just wanted to give a plug for my (Jules’) fall course THEATRST130 (cross listed in CULTANTH and LIT): Death Scenes–After 9/11. We’re going to start at the moment of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and the on-campus and national commemorative performances marking that event and then work backwards — ending with the Greeks — looking at traumatic events/violent death in the theater (and a smattering of popular culture). I’d also love to talk with any of you interested in creating campus 9/11 commemorative events so we can keep in touch with planning over the summer since the anniversary happens very quickly after fall semester begins.

That course and all the other offerings of Theater Studies for Fall 2011 can be found online at the Duke’s Performance and Embodied Research Colloquium Blog which I curate. I wish you happy STORM interface and book bags filled with exciting educational options!

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