Me Too Next Year!

This post is a call for artistic staff for next year’s Me Too Monologues from our very own Afftene Taylor and Kimi Goffe. This year’s production was amazing with audiences of 750+! If you missed it, check out the Me Too YouTube channel to see what you missed. Be sure to get on board for 2012!

The 2012 director/producer are accepting applications (read: 3 short questions) for the Production Team for the Me Too Monologues 2012! Your responses are due Sunday, March 27th to

Production Team Positions
–Assistant Director
–Assistant Producer
–Technical Director
–Publicity Manager
–Photographer and Videographer (can be two people)

*Please note: the asst. director and producer would preferably be non-seniors, so that they can carry their knowledge over to next year’s Me Too Production team.

If you aren’t ready to take a leadership role– don’t worry! We might also need a couple extra people to help publicize and select monologues, so if you’d be interested, put that in your application as well.

Recap: let us know by Sunday, March 27th, if:

1) you’d like to be on the Me Too Monologue Production team in any capacity

2) you are interested in a position listed above

Application questions:
1. Have you been involved in Me Too Monologues before? How?
2. What position are you applying for?
3. Tell us why you’d like to be involved and any ideas you have for next year’s show.

Afftene Taylor and Kimi Goffe
Me Too Monologues Director and Producer

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