On your day off …

World Theatre Day 2011 is this Sunday, March 27, 2011. For some reasons why it is important to note/mark this celebration, I give you Jeffrey Wright (Tony and Emmy award winner for his role as Belize in both the Broadway production and HBO miniseries of Angels in America). He speaks in this promo as an acclaimed artist and as the co-founder and chair of the Taia Peace Foundation. Taia focuses its efforts on Sierra Leone, helping it and other resource rich African nations develop strong economic, environmental, and political infrastructures. I was particularly taken by Wright’s assertion of the transformative power of listening and theatre’s unique contribution to spurring social change. Sounds ever-so-relevant to the making of documentary performance.

Wright’s statement was designed for US audiences. The international address, “A Case for Theater in Service of Humanity” (kaahwa_english_wtd11) was crafted by artist and scholar Jessica Kaahwa, Senior Lecturer in the Departments of Music, Dance and Drama at Makerere University in Uganda. At an event in Paris to mark this year’s celebration, Dr. Kaahwa will premiere her new work, “Putting Words Between the Eyes,” a one-woman show, which chronicles a country’s rebuilding process after its devastation from recent civil war through the eyes of the young protagonist, Sarah.

You can visit Theater Communication Group’s website for details about local and global events. Be inspired to celebrate in your own small way on your ever dwindling days off from rehearsal. You might consider putting on your “Say it Correct” t-shirt and take in the “Cherry Blossoms of Hope” festival in Duke Gardens from 3-5pm to raise funds for victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

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