An entertaining critique

Due to rehearsals I have been missing one of my favorite primetime shows, Community (Thursday nights, 8pm on NBC). In catching up with past episodes, I found this one that premiered Feb. 17, 2011, which skewers documentary format media in telling and funny ways. Certainly, there are all kinds of complexities of documentary form that the show glosses over, and I think healthy skepticism should be placed onto a television network comedy that critiques other media for their constructed nature (though what I love about Community is that it emulates a number of different television narratives in (mostly) smart and respectful ways). All that being said, I thought you all might like a little break from the rather heady discussions we’ve been having about truth, doubt, and reality and enjoy what I hope are some hearty laughs of recognition that might accompany your viewing of this episode. FYI, you’ll have to watch some commercials throughout since the episode is linked from Hulu and the link might not last for more than the next couple of weeks (if someone notices that it’s become a broken link, would you please let me know:

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