Turkey: The country that has it all

I don’t know if it was just me that was oblivious towards Turkey’s geography, but in the past week I feel as though I have been to entirely different continents. Who knew that the land mass of Turkey, which is about equivalent to the size of Texas could have almost every type of geographical landscape possible. During our week long excursion that started in Cappodoccia and ended in Izmir I felt like we saw it all. We started off in Cappadoccia, which contains geological rock formations that are called fairy chimneys. This sort of landscape is what you expect from Turkey: pretty dry, relatively flat, and not very hospitable to animals or plants. After a few days there we drove onwards towards Konya and eventually Pamukkale. On the drive we passed green lush fields and vineyards that felt like Italy- to massive snow covered mountains- to dry barren landscapes. In Pamukkale we found another massive surprise. The beautiful natural hot springs and waterfalls that were whitewashed by the calcium deposits were truly unbelievable. We witnessed them during sunset and behind the springs were snow capped mountains.  It was magnificent. Our next stop on the excursion was Kusadasi where Ephesus is. Though we arrived at night, tired and confused, we woke up to find ourselves on a beach looking out over the turquoise ocean at greek islands (this is what Alican says.. although I still don’t believe him). Who knew Turkey was such an incredible diverse and beautiful landscape. We also received some snow upon arriving back in Istanbul..which was not something any of us were expecting or pleased to see.


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