Our week with Mustafa

We spent last week traveling in Anatolia. I enjoyed the area and I loved the hotels. Our first stop was in Urgup. We stayed in a hotel that had been carved out of a cave. The bathtub was surrounded by candles. It was a nice touch.

Our next hotel was in Konya. I liked it as well, but I will reserve my praise for the last hotel. Our final stop was in Kusadasi in an oceanside hotel. Because it is February the resort had a slight, but not unpleasant The Shining-vibe. Unfortunately the outdoor pool was too cold to swim in. Nonetheless the view was great and the water looked clear and blue. I will have to return someday when it is warmer. We also spent an afternoon walking in a steep village selling wine and other things to tourists. The village reminded Sam of Italy. I agree that it had a nice feel.

Before I end my blog post I would like to express a special thanks to Mustafa for putting up with my complaining over course registration. Mustafa is a trooper and he was great company and a great help throughout the excursion.



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