Enjoying the Chaos


They say Americans worry too much. That’s probably true. Actually, its definitely true. Especially compared to the beautifully laisse-faire state of Turkish life. If you want to see that I’ll give you two examples: Bogazici’s registration system and traffic conditions in Istanbul.

You know how you register for classes in Istanbul? You apply, you get rejected and you beg the teacher to let you. It’s enough to have some people breathing into paper bags. But you know, it all works out. You just have to go through the non-standard channels that have become tried and true.

And where do you cross the road in Istanbul? Where ever there aren’t cars. Or when there are and everyone’s stuck in a classic Istanbul traffic jam. Pedestrians filter through cars at any given red light or grid lock. No big deal.

But here’s the thing, its not just Istanbul. Even out in the rural parts of Eastern Anatolia, people just kind of do what comes natural. Whether its the continuing shepherding traditions or the warm welcome to the Americans that pop-up in your mountain home’s backyard (“cok guzel”‘s and grandma kisses a plenty), there is a warmth and peace with what ever comes that I try to live up to.

Oh yeah, also Turkey is beautiful.

PS: The Black Sea is worth it just to try Muhlama.


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