Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in America, but here in Turkey it’s just another Thursday I’ll be kicking off with a 9 a.m. Politics of Nationalism and Ethnicity class.

Was getting a little sad earlier today about not being home for Thanksgiving this year, especially knowing that all my friends from home are on break right now. I’m used to being away from home at school, but I associate Thanksgiving with family and this year I’m pretty far away from mine. That being said, the past 3 months in Istanbul have given me a lot of things to be appreciative of and thankful for. (Ending a sentence with a preposition, sorry not sorry grammar people.) Here’s a sampling of my list: 

1) New friends and new experiences.

2) Safety

3) Free Water

4) Domesticated animals/leashes

5) the Blue Mosque

6) Baklava

7) Efficient public transportation

8) Exchange rates that work in your favor

9) Toilets that aren’t a la Turca

10) People who blow their noses in Kleenexes, instead of in the sink

11) People who help you when you’re obviously lost and confused

12) Ability to stay calm in stressful situations/see the humor in stressful situations

13) The Bosphorus

14) Skype

So many more things but I have 9 minutes until my laptop dies so this will have to be it for now. Shoutout to Mom, Dad, Eric, and Monica. Miss you guys. Eat some apple pie for me tomorrow!


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