Reflections of an American in Turkey

With only five-ish weeks left, it’s getting to the point where I am calling Istanbul home.  Though in a sense, it is more of a home base, seeing as I am travelling so much this semester (Budapest, Prague, Paris, London).  It’s funny though – whenever I am in a different country is when I realize how much we have learned during our time in Istanbul.  Our knowledge of public transportation and location and language has improved vastly and quickly.  It was in Budapest that I realized how much of the Turkish language we had learned.  Obviously none of us could speak in Hungarian or communicate in any way but English with those people.  But subconsciously, I would be wishing I knew a word in Hungarian and it would come to my mind in Turkish.  We have learned lots of phrases to use with people in restaurants, shops, and general exchange.  Our quick trip to Budapest put into perspective for me how much progress we have made.

Here’s a few of my favorite Istanbul memories so far :

IMG_0115 IMG_0131 IMG_0144 IMG_0572 IMG_0778

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