Breakfast in Turkey

On Thursday, we were given no chance to sleep in and were woken up around 6:30. I was feeling pretty dreary until I saw the breakfast spread. I have never been a huge fan of hotel buffets, but this one was incredible. Turks approach breakfast a lot differently than Americans and even Europeans. It is common to just have a pastry or bread and some cay (tea), but this buffet showed the full potential of a Turkish breakfast. Olives (zeytin) and cheese (kasar) stand out as the most common items. Both come in a variety of flavors and took up a substantial part of my plate (or should I say plates). Dried fruit is very popular in Turkey. I loaded up on apricots (sari keyisi) and figs (inci) at breakfast and stopped in a local shop to buy some dried cranberries, mulberries and plums for my room. Turks are big on sweets and make excellent apricot and cherry jams. But the best spread is tahini which is sesame oil or a very creamy peanut butter mixed with melas or molasses. Almost as good was the fresh honey comb the hotel had provided for us. I pretty much ate a whole loaf of bread for these flavors. Breakfast was a highlight of my day everyday on the trip even though I don’t each much back home. This excellent meal and a glass of cay are a great way to start the day.


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