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Hollywood Comes to North Carolina

In this featured article, Rett gives a charming overview of locally filmed movies. Who knew that Hollywood magic was right up the road?

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The Ultimate Guide To A Successful Action Movie

In our next Film School for Dummies installment, Rett takes a deep dive into what makes an action movie stand out, using some classic films and personal favorites to highlight the key aspects that make for Hollywood action gold. 

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New Version of The Godfather Part III Released

A new version of The Godfather Part III, congruent with the vision of director Francis Ford Coppola, is released today. Will this definitive version finally resolve the debate surrounding the film that has lasted for almost 30 years? 

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Spartacus: 60 Years Later

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Spartacus, we look back on the epic that kickstarted legendary director Stanley Kubrick’s career and proved to be a defining moment for actor Kirk Douglas. 

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Seven: 25 Years Later

To celebrate Seven’s 25th anniversary, we look back to the film that sparked director David Fincher’s career and still haunts audiences to this day. 

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Goodfellas – 30 Years Later

Today is Goodfellas’ 30th anniversary. To celebrate, we look back on this legendary masterpiece that influenced an entire genre and remains relevant to this day.

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