Why You Should Watch Over the Garden Wall this Fall

Check out an amazing trailer of Over the Garden Wall (2014) by Gabe and read why he recommends you to check out the show this fall.

Fall really is a season packed with the fear of the unknown. As the dread of winter encroaches, the trees turn golden and the foggy air seems to be filled with a layer of mystery. There may not be a better moment to watch an excellent horror show. 

But this fall seems different. Taking a step back, I can’t help but feel that there’s a distinct sadness in the air. For any previous fall, I would jump at the chance to watch a thrilling horror movie or show, but this year, I want something that gives me hope, a brief escape from the turmoil of the world. 

So if you’re like me, and you also feel a little melancholic, then you need to watch Over the Garden Wall (2014). Check out a trailer I made via this youtube link.

I said I would recommend a horror show, but you might be thinking that Over the Garden Wall looks a lot more like Adventure Time (2010) than Hereditary (2018). This is because it was a miniseries created for Cartoon Network. Yet, it made me experience and reflect upon fear in a way no other piece of media has been able to do. It’s a genuine masterpiece of story and animation that’s also incredibly fun to watch.


Over the Garden Wall is a beautifully told story about two boys getting lost in the woods, forced to delve further into the dark unknown to survive. Artfully mixing the best of Cartoon Network comedy, nightmare fuel horror, and some of the most heartfelt moments I’ve ever experienced in film or tv, Over the Garden Wall is the perfect show to watch this fall. I genuinely can’t put into words how much I loved the show, so I won’t any longer. I urge all of you to go to Hulu right now and watch it, and if you liked the trailer I made for the show, give it a like on youtube. I don’t know of another piece of media more perfect for this fall in particular.

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