Hello everyone!

Greetings from the Exec Team of the Duke Independent Film Festival! We hope everyone is doing well as we start this wild semester. We are writing to let you know that this year’s application for joining our team is now live!

Primarily, the festival is a two night festival in the spring showcasing some of Duke’s awesome student filmmakers, showing either films by undergraduate or graduate students. However, our organization has grown beyond just hosting the festival. Our editorial, for example, is now in its third year and is a place where students can write about their interests in film, whatever they may be! Our editorial has even sent students to the Sundance Film Festival the past two years to cover their films. Additionally, we also have partnered with DEMAN over the summer to promote their DEMAN LIVE! series, where industry professionals have shared their experiences they’ve had throughout their careers. DIFF aspires to strengthen the film community here at Duke and seeks to connect undergraduates with professional skills and networks to best prepare them for their careers.

Focusing on this coming year, we are looking to expand our horizons even more, and likewise are looking to broaden our executive board. We are searching for passionate students who love film and want to work on projects that will prepare them for careers in the industry. Much like our festival, we want to showcase the talents of Duke’s student body that extends beyond filmmaking (but if you’re interested in filmmaking, we have opportunities for you, too)!If you’d like to have a conversation with us regarding a position at DIFF, please fill out the following form:


And if you’re interested in writing for our editorial (as frequently or infrequently as you’d like), fill out this form:


And lastly, if you love watching movies, be sure to keep an eye out for updates from Freewater Presentations for upcoming screenings of films, and if you want a collaborative filmmaking experience, check out Freewater Production’s website to learn more!

We look forward to hearing from you! Stay tuned for more awesome things to come.


John Ball, Director
Harry Wang, Editorial Director
Jessica Wang, Head of Marketing
Mihir Patel, Student Event Management Officer


We hope you enjoyed the 2020 Duke Independent Film Festival, and we thank you for showing support for our incredibly talented filmmakers! Links to all films can be found under the “Past Submissions” tab.

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Questions? Email us at DukeIFF@gmail.com.

Want to write for our editorial? Email our Editorial Director Harry Wang at haoyang.wang1@duke.edu to learn more!