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We are always looking for children and their families to participate in our research! We run studies virtually or in our lab space on Duke’s campus, as well as at the Durham Museum of Life & Science.

Our lab is currently offering virtual opportunities for children! If your family is interested, please view our participate page to learn about our online studies!

What happens in a typical session either in-person or virtually?


Before your child does anything, our researchers will explain the study in detail to you, answer any questions you have, and make sure that both you and your child are okay with their participation. Only once your child is comfortable will we begin the study either in-person or on Zoom through a screen share feature. You can watch and hear your child the entire duration of the session (they last about 30-45 minutes), and you or your child can stop at any time, for any reason. Once the study is over, your child will get to pick either a toy to take home or receive an electronic Duke Scientist certificate as a reward.

What will my child be doing?

While our studies change each semester, common tasks include coloring in faces with crayons, reading short stories, categorizing pictures of different people, and answering questions about social groups or face pictures. Sometimes these tasks are done on paper, and sometimes they are done on an iPad or laptop.


An example of study materials

What if I have my other child with me for an in-person study?

That’s fine! We have plenty of toys to entertain any siblings while children participate in studies, and researchers are happy to play with them. We are also happy to connect siblings with other labs, so they can participate in a study and get to be a part of the scientific process too!

Will we be compensated for coming in or participating virtually?

Families receive compensation for participation upon coming into the lab or an online Amazon gift card for virtual completion. Your child also gets to pick a small prize to take home or an electronic Duke Scientist certificate as a token of appreciation!

How do I get to your lab for an in-person study?

We are located in the basement of the Department of Sociology & Psychology on Duke University’s campus. We have parking right outside our building for your convenience, and before your visit, we will email you directions. We’ll also meet you outside the building, so you don’t have to worry about finding our rooms!

Multiracial group of children looking at tablet outdoors.

How do I schedule an appointment?

  1. Send us an email at
  2. Fill out the form on our Contact Us page
  3. Call 919-660-5790



To sign your child and any siblings up to be considered for future studies:

Complete this short form to sign up, and click here to learn about our collaborating labs at Duke CHILD Studies: