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Hindi Podcasts

India’s Growing Tech Industry

India continues to emerge as a significant player in the global technology sector. This podcast will dive into some of the reasons why international tech giants are choosing to open offices in Indian cities, and what this can mean for the future of India-US relations as India becomes a major force in IT services.  

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Casteism in India

An overview of the caste system in India is presented. Some brief history of the construct and important activists are also covered. A few of the issues associated with caste discrimination are also discussed. भारत में, बहुत जातिवाद है। शहरों में जातिवाद कम है लेकिन गांव में यह बड़ी समस्या है।

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Literacy Access in India

India has had a long history with illiteracy, although the situation has improved in recent years. This podcast is about why increasing literacy access is important and a solution that might work for India. भारत का लम्बी इतिहास की निरक्षरता बारे में है। लेकिन हाल के साल में स्थिति सुधरी है। यह पॉडकास्ट क्यों साक्षरता … Continue reading »

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Woman Labor Force Participation in India

India has one of the largest young populations in the world and is undergoing a new economic revolution with new opportunities. However, these opportunities are not able to be accessed by everyone such as women. There is a cultural faux pas when it comes to women participating in the labor force, which I aim to … Continue reading »

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Mental Health of Orphaned Children in India

India has approximately 30 million orphans, which is almost 5% of the total youth in the country. Children living in orphanages are a socially vulnerable group that is neglected from mainstream society. This podcast will talk about certain challenges that orphaned kids experience. भारत में लगभग तीन करोड़ अनाथ हैं । यह भारत के सभी … Continue reading »

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The Persistent Wealth Gap: Unveiling India’s Religious Disparities

India’s wealth gap, accentuated among Muslims, highlights deep disparities in access to resources and basic services, echoing global financial inequalities observed in countries like the United States.

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Female Education in India

Summary: This podcast is about the education system in India. Girls in particular are not encouraged to leave the home, due to the patriarchal standards still adhered to by most men in India. Upon menstruation beginning, most girls feel too ashamed to go to school for long periods of time and instead stay in the … Continue reading »

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Caste Discrimination in the United States

Caste is three thousand years old and prevalent in South Asia. Caste discrimination has even resulted in violence. Many South Asians live in the United States, and caste discrimination can follow into their new country. This podcast will discuss Caste discrimination in the United States जाति तीन हज़ार साल पुरानी है दक्षिण एशिया में । … Continue reading »

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Hindi 204 Podcast (Maanasik Svasthy)

Mental health is a very serious issue, but in America people don’t talk about this. Many people don’t understand how stress can affect us. I will be talking about mental health perception in universities. Specifically, why mental health is an issue here, what Duke (and other universities) are doing to help, and my own solutions … Continue reading »

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भारत में खाना और जाति

This podcast is about caste issues. Historically, in India, certain foods have carried specific meanings. Upper and lower castes had access to different foods, creating a hierarchy related to diet. Lower caste people have seemed dishonorable to the upper castes partly due to the variety of food they ate. While the meaning of food has … Continue reading »

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