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English For Life

Posted by on February 26, 2022


  1. Greetings (Formal & Informal), Goodbye’s & Personal Information
  • Formal: My name is _____. I am from ______. I am in the _____ grade. I study____. I am ____ years old.
  • Informal: Hey! What’s up?(‘sup) How you doin? Long time no see. 
  • See you!  Catch you later.


  1. Introducing Family
  • My father’s name is _____, and my mother’s name is ______. My father is a ______, and my mother is a _______. 
  • I have one/two/ three sisters/brothers. Their names are _______. 


  1. Favorite Food/Interests
  • My favorite food is _______.
  • My favorite game is ______. 
  • My favorite movie is ______.
  • My favorite song is _______.
  • My favorite fruit is _______.
  • I like to _______.
  • __(noun/verb)_____ is ___(adjective)___  to me.



  1. Daily Routine
  • I usually wake up at ______.
  • I then __________.
  • After that I ______.
  • Sometimes I _____.
  • I typically eat ______ for lunch.
  • I then _________.
  • I go to sleep at ________.
  • Describe what they do: Some things that I do include making posters, skits, masks, food, etc, to help my community. 


  1. Asking & Giving Directions
  • How do I get here?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • It is by the ___________.
  • It is _____ blocks away.




  1. American slangs/ casual phrases
  • One Word Responses: Awesome, Amazing, Great, mid, fake, cap, lowkey, nah, lmao, sheeesh, down, sus, bet, word, whack, drip, griddy
  • American jokes – KNOCK KNOCK/why did the chicken cross the road/ your mom


  1. Common verbs: play, write, read, give, want, tell, find, feel, try, see, take, make, go, know, come, say, to do

Common Verbs (Actions) – क्रिया


  1. Idioms: When life gives you lemons…, F, kill two birds with one stone, break a leg, the last straw, under the weather, break the ice, costs an arm and a leg, bigger fish to fry, on thin ice, spill the beans, burn bridges, curiosity killed the cat, on cloud nine, don’t cry over spilt milk, you can bring a horse to the pond but you cannot make it drink

English lesson idioms










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