Zipkin Thanks Faculty for Teaching Residents


Daniella Zipkin, MD

Daniella Zipkin, MD, associate program director for Ambulatory Care, offered this note of thanks for the division faculty who taught residents within Duke clinics this year, as well as an update of faculty and attendings within this setting.

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge our division faculty who have brought their skill and dedication to teaching residents in the clinic setting this year. Thank you for all that you have done for ambulatory teaching at Duke! We look forward to further strengthening the residents’ experience in ambulatory medicine.

Residents in the internal medicine training program see patients regularly at one of three continuity clinic sites. The ambulatory portion of their education is unique in allowing a longitudinal view of residents’ progress and building longer term relationships with both faculty and patients.


Listed below are the incoming, current, and outgoing teaching faculty at the clinics as of July 2015!

Pickett Road:

Welcome to David Halpern, Claire Kappa, and Michael Meredith!

Thank you to our continuing attendings:

Vaidehi Boinapally

Jennifer Brown

Audrey Metz

Bruce Peyser

Sharon Rubin

Kathleen Waite

Farewell and thank you to Brian Wolf and Jacqueline Rookwood!

VA Prime:

Welcome back to Gene Oddone!

Thank you to our continuing attendings:

Marisa D’Silva

Jerome Ecker

David Edelman

Susan Isbey

Douglas McCrory

Sonal Patel

Susan Rakley

Zayd Razouki

India Reid

Jeanette Stein

John Whited

John Williams

Farewell and thank you to Karen Goldstein and Will Yancy!

Duke Outpatient Clinic:

Welcome to Patrick Hemming, who will join us in August, from Hopkins!

Welcome to Armando Bedoya, Ambulatory Chief Resident!

Thank you to our continuing attendings:

Cheryl Baker

Ebony Boulware

Lynn Bowlby

Alex Cho

Natasha Cunningham

Marisa D’Silva

Larry Greenblatt

Diana McNeill

John Paat

Anne Phelps

Brian Wolf

Dani Zipkin

Sincerely, Daniella Zipkin, MD